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Our Services

Bioworld consulting and services Ltd (BCSL) provides excellent services in raising quality plantations and nurseries and it has the experties and professional experiences in management of Forest’s of different eco-types following required nursing and tending operations up to harvest. It has extensive knowledge in timber marketing analysis, timber sale and harvest, land and wildlife management.
BCSL in a befitting manner provides suggestions to all agricultural and Horticultural fields of cultivating the ground including tillage and harvesting the crops and rearing the management of livestock, animal husbandry and farming to all farmers by providing modern technical services and at the same time by assuring buy–back of specific crops at an agreed price.
Nature is the some total of every thing that has to do with biological, chemical and physical states and events in the physical universe, is very important for biodiversity meaning the number and variety of species of both plants and animals within a natural region. So nature sustains a congenial atmosphere for providing habit and habitat of biodiversity. Biodiversity remains conserved and reaches to the optimum state when nature remains uninterrupted by unpleasant occurrences. BCSL is always ready to make proper and dynamic suggestions for improvement of nature and conservation of biodiversity in a particular region.
An entity engaged in raising or harvesting fish or sea food is a fishery which is determined by some authority. Fishery involves capture of wildfish and aquaculture or farm fishing. Other than Govt. fisheries a huge number of fish farming in private sectors are involved in fishing. Fishery is a very important sector in national economy, food supply and employment generation. Live Stocks- on the other hand are the farm animals or the animals domesticated for cultivation in an Agricultural settings to produce and supply meat, leather, wool, fiber, and milk food. Livestock is a promising sector and contributing a lot to national economy. BCSL can play role to provide suggestions, knowledge and technical knowhow in these sectors.
BCSL with its experties and knowledge plays an effective role to assist promoting relatively undisturbed eco-friendly and sustainable natural tourism with low impacts and small scale alternatives to standard commercial tourism. Communications and accommodations being integral part of eco-tourism which is growing can also be provided and enhanced with all facilities and supports by BCSL.
BCSL stands in readiness to develop positive attitude among the people of all walks for growing awareness pertaining to environment with its negative impact in nature, eco-system and human society. With the advent of modern technology and conceived corporate responsibilities the pollutions created by human beings in air, water, noise and soil can be minimized or/and controlled by BCSL through proper environmental and awareness training and workshop.
Management of administration and training of executives of an organization refers to the activities of imparting knowledge and acquiring skills. BCSL comprises a team of experts, all with more than 30 years of experiences in the fields of management can imparts and disseminate soft skills, training and knowledge to develop a pool of human resources.
Bangladesh is a densely populated country and it is the HRD which can convert a big chunk of population into human resources. The large portion of foreign currency that the country earns is from the skilled Bangladeshi workers going abroad. This is the field where Bangladesh has tremendous opportunities in near future. With a large number of local and overseas recruiters, it is absolutely essential for the HRD organizations to ensure the quality of personnel they are supplying skills workers. BCSL stands guard to just do this and it has a large number of trainers and managers to ensure the best training to personnel who are being prepared to work in other organizations in Bangladesh or overseas.
Here in BCSL we are experts in the field of climate change and its mitigation and adaptation studies. With a good number of environmentalist having practical experiences on these fields we have worked in a huge number of projects. Anybody or agency may be assured of being provided with the best training on the impact of climate change caused by global warming and other unpleasant events.
Global warming and anything unpleasant responsible for Earth’s climate change requires to be reduced by taking adaptation and mitigation measures. Education and training activities on climate change helps people grow positive attitude for reducing global warming. BCSL and its good number of environmentalists having practical experiences on these fields can assure the best training and education services.
Project is a planned endeavor with SMART goal. There are substantial numbers of organizations working hard to improve the social landscape of the country. These organizations and NGOs are sometimes funded by the foreign agencies and Government bodies. To be eligible for the funding proper project plan & documentation need to be submitted to the funding agencies which need a professional touch. This is where we the BCSL can add value and prepare your project profile.
Inspection and monitoring followed by evaluation is essential for permanent stability and economic viability of the development projects. Monitoring and Evaluation help identify and respond the bottlenecks in implementation of the project. It does not sound like a whole heap of fun, or even particularly relevant when you are busy trying to turn lives around. But accounting for how you position your development project to the donors or funding agencies is the real challenge. BCSL can help to do so.
A written or printed paper furnishing informations or evidences as a legal or official paper is the document and a tool that public authority can use to present, manage and control pollutions of environment is the Environmental Licensing. It is also an instrument for territorial and land use planning. BCSL with its expertise in the fields can efficiently prepare the document for Environmental Licensing and supply them to requiring body as presently it is very much essential for control of pollutions in total.
Global warming and climate issues are a major concern as global issue. Deforestation has destructive impacts on biodiversity and is also a major driver of chimate change including the green house gas emissions. BCSL experts can address this major global issue with the international and global authorities as consultants to curb the climate change problems.
Assessment of possible impacts that a proposed project may have on the environment consisting of environmental, social and economic aspects is EIA. GIS on the other hand is the system designated to compute, store, manipulate, analyse, manage and present all types of geographical data. BCSL with its expertise can provide all these services to the requiring body or agency.
Unexpected and unfortunate natural or man-made catastrophe of substantial extent causing significant physical damage or destruction, loss of life or sometimes irrecoverable or permanent change to the natural environment is disaster. Its management refers to the management of resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies, in particular preparedness response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of disaster. BCSL shares and provides managerial and technical services independently or in collaboration with the competent authority to overcome the damage and destruction.
Soil is the mixture of sand and organic materials lying in the immediate surface of the earth which supports the land plants and required to be conserved in good form. Where as watershed is a region of land within which water at room temperature and pressure as a liquid flows down in to a basin. Water quality on the other hand refers to the quality of being excellent. Once the soil is conserved the watershed is protected and finally the quality of water sustains in a level of pleasant. These are very important to conserve nature, eco system and environment as well. BCSL with its knowledge and expertise provides befitting prescriptions in these areas.
Like the industry leading intelligence service for wood and wood product supply BCSL offers the clients for wood and wood product supply chain and critical industrial informations used to support strategic and tactical decision making.
Some thing making available to others and something produced, traded, brought, sold and finally consumed in the market come under the context of supply and services. BCSL with its experiences stands ready to make general supply and services of commodities in the market.
Fish and flesh of fish as food may be supplied, sold, spread and carried from interior sources to another part of the world through export and similarly from outer sources to interior supply through import. BCSL can play active role in these sectors with credibility and reliability.
Both imports and exports of goods and services in the trade and commerce play a vital role to economic growth and employment generation of a country as well as maintain a good relations of a country with others of the world. BCSL helps playing active role in these fields.
Garments and Textiles are the main fields of designing of items of clothing of multiple design, fashion and colour and IT refers to the practice of creating and /or studying computer systems and their applications. BCSL can easily provide the designing and IT services to requiring agency and companies.
A body of rules and standards issued by the legislative body or to be applied by court and similar authoritics is a Law whereas Advocacy is the practice of supporting some ones to make their law full voice heard. BCSL with its experties and professionals can definitely come forward to assist the incumbents in this field.