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About us


Bioworld Consulting and Services Ltd. (BCSL) is a multi-sectorial and multidisciplinary limited company assigned to provide quality services to the activities of various nature required to be furnished by deserving organizations including Bangladesh Government. It is constituted on basic principle of addressing and restoring the obnoxious conditions prevailing in all walks through providing advices,education,training,motivation,extensions services and advocacy with a view to attend a harmonious state of conditions to live in a green and healthy environment. For this Bioworld attempts to provide scientific, technical, and technological knowledge and active supports with befitting manner by giving consultancy and services to Developments activities of different sectors of Government, Non-Government, Semi-Government and private companies and Agencies looking for socio-economic improvement of the country and financial up-liftment of general mass of people. It is absolutely a Non-Governmental and Non-political organization established by some highly educated enthusiastic, energetic retired senior most Forest cadre Officers equipped with profound knowledge and experience in the fields of social, economical, commercial and Environmental management. They all are the designated and founder Directors of the Board called Board of Directors of Bioworld Consulting and Services Limited.

Our Mission

Provide highest degree of scientific, technical and technological assistance, supports and co-operations through consultancy and giving logistic services in the sectors of Nature and Environmental, Social and Economical, Scientific and Technological, Garments and Industrial, communications and infrastructural, Trade and Commercial, Fisheries, Livestock and Agricultural, forestry and Environmental, Climate and Disaster management, Human Resources and skill Developmental , Management, training and educational and Exports and Imports and other fields of activities of the deserving and requiring bodies both in Home and in Abroad.

Our Vision

Bioworld Consulting and Services ltd. (BSCL) Will work in all the areas where the multilateral and multi-sectorial Development works needed to be done by different Agencies both in Home and in Abroad for economic emulsification of general mass of people and overall socio-economic up-liftmen of the country.


  1. To assist deserving organizations including Government to reduce their struggle and smoothly achieve their target on time.
  2. To ensure and provide quality services to the highest degree of satisfactions of the deserving organizations and agencies.
  3. To engage foreign and local consultants in climate change matters relating to environmental and natural resources management projects.

Legal Status

Bioworld Consulting and services Ltd. (BCSL) is an approved Limited Company registered with Joint Stock Company and Firms of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh under Company Act-1944 and duly permitted to deal with its business and objectives by other bona fide Authorities of the Government and City Corporation.


Bioworld intends to help government to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) by 2030. It also assists in Sustainable Development of Ecosystem, Amelioration of Environment, Conservation and Restoration of Biodiversity, Impact of Climate Change, Ensure ecosystem services by providing modern scientific and technological knowledge.

Bioworld Consulting and Services Ltd. Is committed to provide service consultancy and advocacy in the following sectors.

Working Area

Bioworld Consulting and services Ltd. Work in all the areas where the multilateral and multi-sectorial Development works need to be done by different Agencies both in Home and Aboard for economic emancipation of general mass of people and overall socio-economic development of the country.